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  • A short creepy home-invasion experience
  • PSX graphic style
  • English / Spanish
  • Two endings (Bad / Very Bad)
  • Atmospheric ambience
  • Immersive sound design
  • Raviol & Camioneta


W A S D Move
Mouse Look
Shift Run
E Interact

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick


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Very fun

very entertaining and interesting, I want more games like this.

Me gusto mucho, y que buen nombre del malo jaja


Hello there!

I had fun playing this game along a few other over this stream:


Heya, I played your game during my 9-hour Halloween livestream, and it was a nice little horror game! The retro art style was interesting!

(started to play this game at 3:25:12)

It was short and sweet, but a nice game nonetheless!

-cha boi pbucky


Was meant to play this ages ago, better late than never haha

Honestly a very cool short horror game! Thanks for giving me the chance to play it and I sure have to say I was terrified of the suspense! Can't wait to play more of this developer's games!

Game was amazing! Keep at it!


This game was super creative & artistic & also very creepy! I loved the visuals & the characters


MUMMY KNOWS BEST. Or.. Does she?

Was a well done game! The standard ending was interesting (but also didn't tie in with the secret ending as well) and the secret ending really made things take a Uturn and revealed a lot. It was very creepy because of the well crafted ambiance and envionrment.

A very fun short game!


Extremely interesting art style and a good game. 


I liked that not a single squeak came out and she was still tense and shit. How do you change the language? since I saw in the description that it says "English/Spanish".

I suffered two falls, the first was when our son asked us to see the closet and the TV was on and showed static, and when I wanted to take a screenshot of the TV it crashed (before taking the action of taking the photo). And the second crash in the dialogues of the final scene of the Bad ending

Google Translator, sorry for the bad traduction

Thank you for your feedback! The crashes should have been fixed with the new update.


I enjoyed the game and the story!


great game i enjoyed it

(1 edit)

this game just crashes for me can you fix this please dev?

Could you tell me if crashes occur at any particular moment in the game? :(

Creepy game, loved the subtle spooky vibe it gave 馃懟

Great Game!

First of all, this game is very lovely and well made
but is there a way I can separately listen to the music, I love it so much you've got no clue


Currently the music isn't uploaded anywhere; it was created solely to enhance these games. However, we could consider the idea of compiling it at some point in the future since there are people who enjoy it :)


YIPPIEEEE!!! 馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帄

Very good. The window people were very creepy.


The ending just leaves you with so many question xD

I only found the one ending at the moment but I will for sure come back and get the others!


larreta deja a mi nene


A very interesting little horror game!

Was pretty creepy at parts and left me thinking about what happened, definitely after we found the second ending, which is very sad.

The style was different and added an unsettling element to it.

Great Job PuKo!
I really liked this one!



I really enjoyed your game, the knocking on the door always scares me!


Great game, would lock windows again.


Hello! Took a moment to feature your game in this big ol' Halloween video of mine. Your game begins at 22:01

Mimic is a deeply surreal little experience, and I must admit that usually, I have a bit of trouble with games that (appear to try and be) strange for the sake of strangeness.

But Mimic doesn't really do that outside of its bizarre art style. It is by all accounts pretty straightforward, but still just so bizarre and unusual that it does put you on edge. Lovely work here!
(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I played this game as a part of the first game in my 3 Scary Games series, and I ENJOYED this game, it was such a strong start to the video and definitely made me want to see what other stuff you got coming up! Even though it has completely made me lose my mind and has me sweating enough to fill a river.. it was still quite the scary experience lol, best of luck in your future of game-making!

This is incredible!!! Your game is the perfect horror stuff we're waiting for in PC CURSED '98, a fake horror magazine in an alternate year 1998! do you want to join? Send the game to our HAUNTED JAM and appears on the CURSED 1 DEMO DISC for PC!!


That was surprisingly really good! I really liked it. The story was small and simple, but creepy, and those things at the window... loved it. Great game! 

Very weird I hope Horacio pays rent at least...

good and weird game, horacio is in my home now 

gud banana

The game looks really bloody weird BUT the horror is really good! 


honestly it really did creep me out, love the story that it told too! overall a very enjoyable experience! 

That was weird

this game was fun but not as scary as i hoped

so overall i rate the mimic 9/10

That was a crazy experience.. 

cool weird short game heres

my reaction

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