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GREAT JOB DEVELOPER!!! Bubbles is in charge now, HE GOT IT!!!

Thanks for the game, can't wait till he learns how to use a shotgun!


Game definitely gotta some pretty good scares out of me, I cant wait to play the full game

You got stronger

This was so creepy and well made.

I hate Tomy


this game scared the shit out of me


Im very excited for the full release! I love these PSX style horror games. It really brings back good memories from my childhood. Keep up the great work! 

the movemnt in the game is very bad and very skow and lag and i cant move the mouse

maybe upgrade your pc

10/10 loved it this game definitely deserved a spot in my series it got me good especially the ending I wanna see more work from you I really did enjoy this it had me on edge with the suspense build up keep up the great work I played your game first in my video 


scary good time. had fun making this gg bro

i pooped

jump scare got me

Really great demo, very interested on where the story takes us and if we will ever find the poor dog

super fun and a really scary game!!


Everything is dark - literally; everything is scary; and, everything is clouded in mystery. So many unanswered questions! Looking forward to playing the full game!

** video features version 0.0.6 before bug fixes and general improvements were added to the demo. 

I don't think my dog is that tiny anymore...

yo this game was tuff 

Awesome! I like this game.

Parece ser uma premissa interessante, mas os controles são duros demais e o personagem é exageradamente burro

Im not gonna lie, that jumpscare really got me. Please keep developing this, it seems like such a different concept i love it!

really hit the spot even for a demo, the last scene got me even though I knew it was coming. Has a lot of potential and will be waiting for the full release.

GREAT GAME!! I was NOT expecting Tomy to be so horrifying xD but I had a blast playing it! I wish it was longer If you wanna see my blind reaction to it heres a video!! It's the first game!! 

Great game, but Tommy still missing ;(

had a disproportionate amount of fun with this demo, I play a lot of these but I’m genuinely excited about this coming out as a full game!

You did a great job on the environment, I cannot wait to see what this game becomes in the future! You have a good concept on your hands!

You have a really awesome start to this game. Add in a lot more encounters with the creature then you are golden.

Very good start and I can't wait to play more!

My dog was dognapped and he wasn't the same when we met each other again :( I enjoyed this game, loved the psx style gameplay. Jumpscares def wasn't expecting at the times they happened. Great Job, can't wait this game to be a Full release!

nice game

hehe...goodboy gets goodboy pets...I have no more hands...


de los mejores juegos que he jugado, me gusto mucho la verdad, y el detalle del vagabundo que era diseñador gráfico jajaja me dio mucha gracia jajajaj y mas por que soy uno xD, aqui mi reacción amigos 100% recomendado ♥

where is tommy

Love this game atmosphere

Can't wait for the full release!

Second game - Timestamp in the description!

Really nice demo, I enjoyed it! The mechanic with the ball could have been used more but since it is a demo I will not be too critical of it. I would have added a fov slider to maybe 90 degrees since the fov is very narrow (I understand that this makes games a bit more scary)


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