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CANINE is a PSX style horror game about a boy looking for his dog, kidnapped by an evil corporation that runs experiments with pets.

• Rescue your dog Tomy in a PSX style game with a class B horror film narrative.

• In CANINE there are no weapons, you only have Tomy's ball to survive.

• Two possible endings depending on your actions.

• Score system with stars and timer.

• Hardcore mode unlockable with a 4-star score. 

• Use stealth to avoid a humanoid dog, or throw your ball strategically to distract him.

• Inmerse yourself in a survival horror game inspired by games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alien Isolation.

• Multi language: English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, German.


If you want to survive, learn the art of throwing the ball


STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2334780/CANINE/

Hey! We are two friends developing CANINE.  If you want, you can support us!

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Really enjoyed the story of this game great work!

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Looks really cool :) I'm definitely purchasing this!

Thanks! if you like it, please don't forget to rate the game :)


Wow! This game is so well put together. I loved every second of it!

please add achievements in version GOG.com



love some good body horror & jumpscares :) this game genuinely freaked me out! great work!


Had been following the game for a while, finally got to play it! Cool story, and very nice and forgiving mechanics to make the gameplay very smooth! I was actually so freaked out by the concept of a bipedal 9 foot dog stalking me down. Great work, I'll be looking out for your next project! 


I really liked your work in this game, well done! 


We played Canine on stream and had a blast. You executed the game very well on top of that with the story build up just to find out theirs more going on! The credits were rather a bit sad about the dogs that died and that their are several dogs that could use an adoption, it truly is saddening. Well done Puko. Canine was fun! 


Totalemente un juegazo. Una historia bastante interesante y los guiños a la cultura Argentina me cautivaron. 10/10

Great PSX Modeling thank you!

Full Play NO Commentary


This was Amazing,


good boy


Buenísimo! Con el c... fruncido toda la segunda mitad. Bueno el concepto, jugabilidad, y estética (y la temática y mensaje al final <3). Por ahí necesita un poco de optimización en el nivel más grande (sobre todo para computadoras más débiles) pero es jugable igual

Un bug que encontré: (semi SPOILER) si tirás la pelota y el bicho te mata, cuando te carga en el checkpoint aparecés sin la pelota (y la pelota está donde la tiraste)

Keep hitting invisible walls - let me know if i can help troubleshoot at all. Even at the very beginning, hold down W to move forward and just stopped. have to walk around the invisible obstacle

Hello! Everything seems to be fine. In what language did you play? What resolution did you play in? Thank you.

1920x1080, English

Weirdest thing - I tried the game twice yesterday and it did it consistently in the same spots. Restart it today, not doing it all. Go figure. Thanks for the quick reply!

me encanto este juego la verdad esta muy muy bueno, y te saca sustos muy grandes jejeje, aqui mi reaccion como prueba amigos, 100% recomendado 8 ) 


Watched a video of your game and I have to say it was a fun little time. I thought the idea was fun and had a few good moments.

What is the name of then ending song you use in the credits? Is there a link to it somewhere, I really love it?


I loved the Demo, and i loved this. The music for Ruben was awesome and the game itself felt fantastic. Good stuff PuKo !

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Saben que me encantó y espero la salida en steam. Amo el terror, el estilo psx y el mensaje que dejaron 10/10.
P.D: Ruben pensé que eramos amiguis.

Heeeeeey....I really enjoyed this "short" game. Well, I didn't make it a short game in the end. LoL!

I thought it was put together very well for an indie title. Good stuff!

I chickened out on this game!!! I couldn't finish it lol. Great game though!!! 


Great game! I loved it. It was creepy and intense the whole time. And the weird story was awesome. Thanks for the fun!


It's a cool game and I love how there was small lore on how the monster was made 


de los mejores juegos indies que he jugado, la verdad me saco un gran susto como no se lo pueden imaginar, 100% recomendado


wow i havent been that scared since play stay out of the house and nun massacre canine legit scared the crap out of me. amazing job puko !!! and its your first game congrats. i hope more people play your game. i really enjoyed canine muchos gracias para el juego. 


As I'm a big dog fan, I'm thoroughly impressed and had a lot of fun on your game! And also a big thank you for the adopt a dog message you had at the end as well. Here's my full gameplay, I hope you enjoy.


Gave it a Lets Play, was this your first indie horror game? Nice design, unique enough layout for being chased and good balance. Nicely made short indie horror. :) 


This is easily one of the SCARIEST games I've EVER played. The atmosphere made me so scared to even move let alone actually try to escape. And the music for when the dog is nearby and is trying to look for you literally made my heart skip a beat. The jumpscare made me scream so loud. 

Overall a good game. Sound and music are good, love the PS visual style. The only thing I can think to suggest is not resetting keys to their original locations and in some cases even resetting progress upon death regardless of having reached a checkpoint, losing progress on death even after having reached a checkpoint spot just felt like the game was being artificially difficult. Other than that one thing, I enjoyed the game as a whole. Overall well done game. 

Pretty good! I was very surprised by the speed of the enemy!
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full playthrough


Great game.
Can't wait for full version.


Done! :)


Good demo! Played this with a friend, we both agreed that there are a few elements missing. It is just a demo, but I gotta say that ending was fantastic 😂 great job building tension and drawing out that scare at the end as well!


Hey, just curious. Did you download the demo a long time ago? because the version of the video is an old one. Anyway thanks for playing it


It was pretty old actually! I don't remember exactly when I downloaded it but didn't know there were already updates. I'll have to try the new version! Sorry about that! 😅

the demo is very interesting, the atmosphere of mystery and suspense is great, it makes you curious about what happened to Tony, the monster is kind of crude and predictable, but I think that's due to the fact that it's just a demo (I hope I can play a game that is not a walking simulator, that compensates for its lack of mechanics) finally that's it, great demo for those who want to take a quick scare.

I really loved it, can't wait for the full release

Heya! Thought I'd let you know my girlfriend checked this out. :)

This is a really cool game. I'm looking forward to playing the full release! 

Full release is available now! :)

Awesome! Thank you for letting me know :)

Great game, enjoyed it!

not my cute poppers! 

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